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Dylan McDonald & The Avians is the next up-n'-coming modern rock-n'-roll band in the Nashville, TN area and expanding. Their first two albums are already in orbit and their third is getting prepped for lift off, right as you're reading these words! But what helps the band grow more than their songs or members, are the supporters like yourself that take the time to visit our site and share the word.

Listen to some of our tunes, check out the videos and enjoy your time on DylanMcDonaldAndTheAvians.com  




"Fueled by Dreams of the Future proves that you can descend from a line of rocking lineage and come entirely into your own, on your own. It’s a compelling effort and remains exciting throughout its entirety.

Brett Stewart - Vents Magazine


They still know how to cut loose and make some classic, straight up rock songs. Across several tracks of the LP, the group displays an incredible repertoire and fluency in different Rock N Roll styles.

Jackson Sinnenberg - Georgetown Radio, WGBT


Just as well as this band does edgy, they do smooth and laid-back.
Christen Johnson - Skope Magazine



St. Louis Symphony – Powell Hall  Sunday, May 21, 2017  3:00PM

Dylan McDonald  joins St. Louis based soul singer Brian Owens at the STL Symphony where Brian performs his albumThe Soul of Cash: A Tribute to the Music of Johnny Cash.”  It’s the latest in Brian’s classic soul series of tributes to legends of soul and gospel.  

Brian Owens: vocal & guitar  / Deacons of Soul: Dylan McDonald, Rissi Palmer, Austin Grim Smith, The Vaughns, guest artists